July 17-19 workshop with Chris Saudek

The weekend intensive workshop with Chris Saudek, previously scheduled for May 1-3, has been rescheduled to July 17-19. The workshop is the last of a 3-weekend series in 2020, but students may also sign up for individual classes. In the event that YCOM has not reopened after the temporary closure related to COVID-19, these classes will be taught via Zoom.

The Friday class is open to students with six months of experience in Iyengar yoga. For the Saturday and Sunday classes, participants should have at least two years of continual classes in Iyengar yoga, be able to perform Sirsasana for a minimum of 5 minutes (or know any personal adaptation), Sarvangasana for 8-10 minutes, and be able to do Urdhva Dhanurasana and Adho Mukha Vrksasana independently (or know any personal adaptations).

To register, click here.