Class Descriptions

The Yoga Co-op of Madison offers both Drop-in classes and Series at varying levels. You must register for a series online before the Series starts and pay for the series on the day the series starts. There is no registration for Drop-in classes and you may pay after each class, or purchase a pass good for 10 classes.


Level 1:   For continuing beginning students. Refinement of basic poses, with an emphasis on standing poses, seated poses and beginning inversions. Many students take this level several times.

Level 2:  Deeper and expanded study of the basic poses, with increased study of inversions and backward extensions.

Level 3:  Open to students with a personal practice who are strong in standing poses and inversions and who would like more vigorous work. Please talk to your instructor to determine if this class is for you.

Women’s class: Yoga in a nurturing environment for women of all ages, based on the teachings of Geeta Iyengar.


Basics:  Beginning level for people new to yoga and/or new to the Iyengar method. We recommend taking at least one Basics Series before progressing to the next level. Basics Series may be repeated if desired.

Gentle:   A slower pace series of classes where poses are taught with more modifications and props to accommodate older students or those with mild chronic health conditions. If you are new to yoga and have any physical health concerns, please consult your doctor before enrolling for this class.

Restorative: The series is intended to refresh the mind and the senses. Poses are held for longer periods with the help of props, and a focus on breath work.

Focused Practice – This class will take you deeper into certain actions leading to more challenging poses. Each session will focus on a targeted theme, such as inversions, seated poses/padmasana, back bending, arm balances. We will also engage in discussions to guide the student into deeper understanding of their practice. Suitable for Level 1-2 students and above with an understanding of the principles of Iyengar Yoga